Brain On Tap

by The Pandemics

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Polite Rude Boy I find something new to like about this album every time I listen to it. Favorite track: Sleepy Sunday (New York City).
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The debut full length release from NY Ska Powerhouse, The Pandemics! Arriving to rave reviews from some of the most genre relevant blogs/news sites and ravenous fans a like, Brain On Tap is a "stroll through some 60-odd years of ska music, containing well-approached songs for each period (and then some)." (Connor Maoil, 14 tracks of unabashed fun that will be sure to wear holes in the soles of even the most well padded dancing shoes!


released July 27, 2012

Brain On Tap!


1.) Intro (0:50)
2.) Brain On Tap (3:46) - Malone / Lo Bianco
3.) Chelsea (2:45) - Kennedy
4.) Movin (3:20) - Kennedy
5.) One Night Stand (3:33) - Malone
6.) Skaramanga (3:25) - Malone/The Pandemics
7.) Rhumba De Los Muertos (3:45) - Kennedy
8.) Hey You! (2:59) - Malone / Lo Bianco
9.) 15 Days (3:07) - Kennedy
10.) Living In Your Shadow (5:04) - Malone / The Pandemics
11.) Separate Parts (4:13) - Malone / ThePandemics
12.) Sleepy Sunday (New York City) (4:05) - Malone / The Pandemics
13.) Outro (0:50)
14.) HeMan Woman Hater's Club (4:10) - Kennedy / Steiner / Chestnut / Schultz

Lyrics on tracks 2, 5, 8, 10 & 12 by Chris Malone
Lyrics on track 4 by Greg Steiner
Lyrics on track 3 by Brian Kennedy
Lyrics on Track 9 by Chris Malone & Greg Steiner
Lyrics on Track 14 by Greg Steiner & Chris Schultz

The Pandemics Are:

Chris Malone - Trombone, Vocals
Greg Steiner - Bass, Vocals
Brian Kennedy - Guitar
CJ Dunaieff - Drums
Chris Chatterton - Trumpet
Chris Mandato - Trumpet
Paul Chestnut - Tenor Sax, Alto Sax
James Fulfaro - Baritone Sax

Additional Instrumentation / Guest Musicians:

Krystle Davis Williams: Vocals on track 7
Chris Schultz: Vocals on track 14
Eddie Torres: Auxiliary Percussion on tracks 5, 6 7, 11, 12 and 14
Jared Kaplan: Keyboards on tracks 4, 6, 8 and 12
Brian Kennedy: Keyboards on tracks 2, 3, 6, 12 and 14
CJ Dunaieff: Marimba on track 11

Lyrics available at
Tracked and Mixed by Jesse Litwa at Cellar Door Studios (Amityville, NY, USA)

Mastered by Mitch Rackin of Seaside Lounge Recording Studios (Brooklyn, NY, USA)

Interludes Written and Engineered by Greg Steiner at Wiseman Studios (New Rochelle, NY, USA)

Pandemics Management: Player 2 Entertainment
Contact: //

Produced by Greg Steiner, Chris Malone, Brian Kennedy & Jesse Litwa

All songs Arranged by Brian Kennedy

Special Thanks to our families and close friends (you know who you are), Barbara Kennedy, Ed Kennedy, Frank Malabe, Katelyn Stoehr, Randy and Randi Dunaieff, Barbara Steiner, Tim Malone, Leigha Taylor, Ariana O'Neill, Jason Schorr, Amanda Accardi, Chris Schultz, The Nigerian Prince who left me $7.82 Million Dollars (Still waiting on that Haziz!!!), Krystle Davis- Williams, Eddie Torres, Jared Kaplan, Deidre Flood, Jesse Litwa, Mitch Rackin, Cole Vaccaro, Michael Anderston, Boston, Traves Myers, Lauren West, Andy Porta, Gosha (ARIGATO GOZAIMASHITA!), Nell Mellon, Steve Pang, Surge and the Turntable.FM Crew, Nerds and Geeks everywhere, Eli Whitney and the Sound Machine, The Flying Spaghetti Monster, The Jukebox Romantics, Two Fisted Law, Uzuhi, American Pinup, Mustard Plug, Hub City Stompers, Flatfoot 56, Spider Nick and the Maddogs, Bigger Thomas, The Webb Institute of Naval Architecture, Charlie Mertens, Wendigo Productions NY, Otto's Shrunken Head, The Bronx Underground, All those bands we played with that one time and it was totally awesome, All those bands who inspired us, The promoters who continue to take a chance on us, Everyone who comes to our shows, brings their friends and buys our stuff. We couldn't do it without you!

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Album Artwork and Design by: Boston

All Rights Reserved, 2012



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The Pandemics New York, New York


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Track Name: Brain On Tap
Another Night, spent out on the street.
My soul is tired and so are my feet.
And I... I could use a reprieve...

Hey Brother! What do ya know?
I know more than anyone's supposed to know!
And I... I think it's time to go...

And I know that I've got to be sure,
And I've been warned about the dangers of having one more!
I'm past my limit! And I'm about to blow!
Just one for the road.
I mean what could it hurt? It wont make me explode!
Just one more, to reach that 'happy glow'...

And it seems my brain's on tap,
In every bar you know.
So knock another back,
Before it's time to go.
And it seems my brain's on tap!
In every bar you know.
Toast the good will of strangers, before its time to go!

I feel the dogs.
They're nipping at my heels
And this nightmare of a dream has gotten way to real!
And I...I could use a reprieve.

Hey Brother, what do ya see?
I've seen more than anyone's supposed to see!
And I... I think it's time to leave...

I heard what you said about that rolling stone,
But if you stand here waiting well you'll wind up alone,
Cause I ain't got... no place to call home.
And when I call you, I'll be calling collect,
because I ain't got nothing, cashed in all my respect.
I'll throw ya two bucks, when I've got the dough.

Ya do the one, two, brew step!
And then you'll never come home...
Track Name: Chelsea
Time stands still in a blue collar world.
I'm a blue collar boy, she's a blue collar girl.
Hanging out with the hooligans!
With The Mods; Punk Rockers; The Rudies and Skins!

She wears a fringe and a flag with pride.
Says she's got nothing to hide.
Then there's me outside of it all,
Watching on as the skinheads brawl.

She's got her black docs with eleven eyes.
She stomps around like she's one the guys,
In her mini skirt and her button shirt.
She's got the sixty nine spirit like the very first.

She walks by with her head held high,
But I don't quite know why she's with this guy.
So I'll hang round for another day,
Even though I won't have nothing to say.

Chelsea! I'm just a guy in blue.
Chelsea! I'm the one for you!
Got no white laces, I got no braces,
I'm just a guy in blue!

A fashion sense is what she wants in a guy.
You know I don't look the part but I never lie.
I'm just a guy with nothing to hide,
But I still got my pride!

I am who I am and you are who you are!
You know this rude girl really looks the part.
I'm not saying I'm the better man.
I'm only doing the best I can.
Track Name: Movin'
Never knew it could take so long
And there's so much left to do
That at this rate
A legless blind man would win a race before I'm through

And I'm getting nothing done
I've got so much to do
I'm not procrastinating
But procrastination's all I ever do, yeah!

Hey! So we gotta keep movin!
Hey! There's a lot more left to do!
Hey! So we gotta keep movin!
On and on we must pull through, yeah!

And I woke up this morning
But the day was halfway gone
And at this rate
I guess I'll lose my job. Where did I go so wrong?
Track Name: One Night Stand
You know it's been a long long time
Since last time you came around
You went your way, I went mine
But now I see you're back in town

And I can tell by the look in your eyes,
That you got no illusions, it wont be no surprise
You knew from the start, just what this would be
So tell me baby, won't you come home with me?

I said 'Baby!, What'll it be?'
I said 'Baby!, Won't you come home with me?'
I said 'Darling, What'll you choose?'
I said 'Honey, Whatcha got to lose?, on this one night stand'

You had that sparkle in your eyes,
When you walked into the bar.
And having drinks felt like old times
Like when we barely made it to my car!

But that was then and this is now
So, hey, what do ya say? Should we head out?
Just one more time is all it would take,
So what do ya say? One more for old time's sake?
Track Name: Skaramanga
Track Name: Rhumba De Los Muertos
Clock watching, man it's getting late
I hear the same old song at the same old place
grab my drink and then I start the chase
It was a dirty martini with a twist of fate
I came up quiet but it turned to face
with his dagger sharp teeth and his mind erased
Pulled out the shotty feeling my heart race
but before I pulled the trigger I told him where to go

Es La Rhumba de los Muertos
and you've lost all control
best watch your head
and look out for the dead
cause first they eat your brains
and then they eat your soul

Might be crazy, maybe lost my mind
but that living dead girl is lookin so damn fine
my head is screaming I should run and hide
but she smells of chanel and formaldehyde
She crept up beside me at a frightening pace
think she might kiss me or just eat my face
bit my ear and asked about my place
can't say no to that smile
I told her where to go

Es la Rhumba de los Muertos
And you've lost all control
Best watch your head
and look out for the dead
because they're dancing on your graves
and skanking on your soul

Suburbia was a place of hysteria
There was chaos and disarray
Until I heard a crack
and my world went black
and I started craving brains
I guess it's alright
the undead party all night
I guess it's ok
she snacked on my brains
Doesn't matter got laid.
Track Name: Hey You!
Hey You!
Ya know I'm talking to you?
You got your head up in the clouds and,
You're shooting off your mouth and...
Hey You!
That's right, I'm talking to you!
And if you told me about your problems,
I might wanna help you solve em!

I know life's hard and things look bleak!
But it's gonna get better! Ya gotta believe!
Ya gotta have faith in me!

No matter what happens, we'll see it through!
We're gonna get past this, just me and you!
You'll see what I say is true...

No man is an island...
One isn't a family!
I know it's a leap of faith, but you can place your trust in me!
A moment of silence...
Can be an eternity!
So take my hand and understand, one day we'll be living free!

Hey You!
What do you want me to do?
I'm trying to put you through your paces
So wipe that dumb look off your face and...
Hey You!
Is any of this getting through?
It wont matter what I mention,
If you can't pay attention...

It can be hard to find the words to speak
When all you know, is how to be meek
How to be oh so weak
Just keep your chin up, we'll make it through!
Because together we've got the strength of two!
We'll do what we gotta do!

You gotta try!
You never give in!
You gotta try!
You never give an inch!

I always try!
I never give in!
I always try!
I never give an inch!

You gotta try! Never give in! No you never give up!

You can put your faith in me!

I always try!
Track Name: 15 Days
"15 Years! 15 YEARS!!!"
"Built upon my blood and sweat and tears!"
Cried Seamus to his daughter
When his rent was one week late
Came the tax man along to take
To take away his home upon the water...
He said 'Come now Seamus, fair is fair!'
'Can't you tell change is in the air?'
Gentrification, tradition has been slaughtered!

Progress! Make way for progress!
Progress for who?
I wont forgive!
I won't forget!
That someone's getting screwed!

15 Days! In 15 DAYS!!!
My whole neighborhood was signed away!
To the man who had it all! (but wanted more!)
On the lot where I grew up
Stands a Starbucks, slinging coffee cups!
Signs say they're gonna build a Mall!

Progress! Make way for progress!
Progress for who?
I wont forgive!
I won't forget!
Not everyone makes progress!
Progress! Not everyone make's progress...
It's sad, but true
So have a heart, and try to start, walk in someone elses...

They'll build another one,
They'll build another one,
They'll build another one,
Till we are dead and gone...
What happens to us all, when they fall?

And where is everyone?
And where is everyone?
And where is everyone?
Who can't afford to see the sun?
Fallen by the wayside everyone

Progress! Make way for progress!
Progress for who?
I wont forgive!
I won't forget!
Not everyone makes progress!
Progress! Not everyone make's progress...
It's sad, but true
So have a heart, and try to start, walk in someone else's shoes!
Track Name: Living In Your Shadow
Its been two years
Since we parted ways
Not a month's gone by
That I don't miss those days
Back when we would sit and play
Now things don't feel the same...

Way back when,
We were young,
Things were great
And Life was fun
But after six years on the run
I was content, but you were numb

To my affections and my needs
And all my selfless deeds
It was someplace you had to be
Just running out the clock

For one more second, one more song
Why couldn't we get along?
It's not my fault!
I gave you all I got!!!

A few missed calls,
A lack of wings,
Time spent waiting on the phone to ring
While other's wished to hear angels sing
I just longed to hear your voice...

To hold you close
To see your face
To feel the warmth of your embrace
But now these thoughts seem out of place
All silenced but not by choice...

It left me hardened and jaded
All fucked up, under appreciated
You wasted all my time!
You still occupy my thoughts!

Your accomplishments and fame
Keep putting me to shame...
Spinning me round,
Like some kind of top...

Right now!
I need to believe
This is a fantasy
I feel!
I'm bursting at the seams!
I blister and I bleed!

Right now!
I just need a friend
Just one
Who can help me mend
This heart!
Whose gonna be there til the end!

Two more years pass
Since you been gone
I finally feel like I am moving on
My heart it sings no more sad songs
About when I saw you last

I've left the house
And gone on dates
But something makes me hesitate
I'm not sure if you can relate
I'm still tethered to our past...

It comes out of nowhere
Something sets me off
I wonder if you still care
about me the way
That I care about you...

You know I heard through the vine
That you're doing fine
But I've hit a wall
A wall I can't break through...

There was a time...
That I saw something in you...
But your memory...
It blocked out the truth...
And at the time I couldn't see
Exactly what had been done to me
You watched me scream,
You watched me bleed,
Well Fuck Off!, Now you can watch me leave!
Track Name: Separate Parts
Track Name: Sleepy Sunday (New York City)
It happens to me from time to time
Sleep interrupted, but I don't mind
Spending Sunday in a sleepy New York City

The streets are empty and no birds sing
A world wrapped in twilight that skyscrapers bring
On Sunday in a sleepy New York City

Now don't get me wrong, I like to stay out late
And have some drinks, trying to tempt fate
But I find myself every once in a while
Cruising empty streets and I gotta smile
On Sunday in a sleepy New York City

Just try it yourself and you will see
Exactly what's gotten in to me
On Sunday in a sleepy New York City

When the cabs are few and street parking's free
With only dog walkers for company
On Sunday in a sleepy New York City

I know on Sunday we like to sleep in
Stone faced and hung over from Saturday's sins
But try it yourself and you will see
There ain't no place that you'd rather be
On Sunday in a sleepy New York City

A trip the city can be a chore
When it's congested and crowded
With traffic galore!
But Sunday's got no worries! It's got no cares!
It's a playground of concrete and unpolluted air!

On Sunday in a Sleepy New York City
Track Name: HeMan Woman Hater's Club
My baby sat me down, she's got somethin to say
and I ain't got nothin but time to listen
I'm not doin much but hanging round her anyway

Then I started thinkin how the sun's out side
and I'm just sittin here waitin for her to decide
what will she do now?
will she go or will she stay?

You know, you know, you know my girl told me
She's done with me
You know, you know, you know my girl told me
She's gonna leave

Well she been talkin now for hours, maybe 3 or 5
Pour myself a glass of vodka so that I can survive
And the sun is going down out side

Well that cross on her chest is looking mighty nice
Reminds me of a man who made himself a sacrifice
That's when I realize
This woman just ain't mine.